Keep Calm


“Keep Calm and Cure Alpha”. The popular “keep Calm and..” is now in a handy Alpha mug.

Mug Size

This "Keep Calm and Cure it" mug is based on the very popular "Keep Calm and.." design but with our special twist. This will not only give you a lovely mug to drink from but will let everyone seeing it know the need for a cure. So Keep calm and buy our mug....

Dishwasher proof & microwave safe.


Please note that the below is a 3D render of the mug.  There may be slight colour and/or placement differences between this and the actual product. 



Shipping costs 

Due to the size and weight of the mugs it would be more cost effective to buy 4 or less to save on shipping as this is the same price as one mug.  The shipping price for 1 to 4 mugs is £3.15 going as a Small Parcel.  The shipping cost for 5 or more mugs is £14.00.  It would be more beneficial if you wish to order more than 4 mugs to do this in 2 seperate orders saving yourself £7.70 on shipping.


Which mug size should I choose? 

If you like a lot of coffe or tea while you work or when you wake up first thing in the morning, then the 11oz is the mug for you.  It can take 330ml of drink with plenty of space left so you shouldn't get spillage if you want around.

If though you prefer a smaller drink, then the 10oz mug would be better souted.  It holds 275ml which is 55ml less than the 11oz version and therefore lighter in weight.

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