Keep Calm


“Keep Calm and Cure Alpha”. The popular “keep Calm and..” is now in a handy Alpha mug.


This "Keep Calm and Cure it" mug is based on the very popular "Keep Calm and.." design but with our special twist. This will not only give you a lovely mug to drink from but will let everyone seeing it know the need for a cure. So Keep calm and buy our mug....

Dishwasher proof & microwave safe.


Please note that the below is a 3D render of the mug.  There may be slight colour and/or placement differences between this and the actual product. 





Our mugs are standard 10oz mugs.  They will hold 300ml of liquid with plenty of space left, or 360ml if you fill it completely to the rim.


Shipping costs 

The shipping cost for 1 to 4 mugs is £3.15.

The shipping cost for 5 or more mugs is £14.00 due to their weight.  If you wish to order more than 4 mugs, it might be best to split them over several orders to save on the postage costs.


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